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Founded in December 2020, PELAGOS is an İstanbul-based engineering company, consisting of experts with average 12+ years of experience in the fields of renewable energy, oil, gas and maritime industries. PELAGOS has been providing service to both national and international clients.


Considering the developments at both local and international markets, PELAGOS has been designing and engineering of modules, skids, piping and steel structure assemblies, etc. for above mentioned industries, and providing site supervision support.


Having extremely competent and confident team of professional staff on above mentioned industries , PELAGOS also amplifying future-oriented intention on Offshore Wind and Hydrogen energy and in this context, has started to work on development of projects following their own-built R&D strategy.


Feeling the awareness of the social responsibility on their shoulders, after the Maraş earthquake disaster, PELAGOS family has been developing a disaster registration unit and disaster management system, patented to PELAGOS, in order to reduce the pain of disasters to some extent. The project has achieved to TRL level 4 by January 2024, and has targeted to achieve TRL level 9 and start mass production before the end of the year.

News & updates

Spacer Barges have been successfully launched and started service

The spacer barges engineered and designed by Pelagos have been successfully launched

PELAGOS has completed the design and engineering of a group of spacer barges required by a well-known energy provider of the world. Construction and launching of the barges have been completed by the Client’s team and units have been taken to their service locations successfully.

PELAGOS has signed a new renewable energy power plant project

5MW Solar + Wind Renewable Power Plant with Battery Storage

At the last days of 2023, PELAGOS has signed a new contract for 5MW Renewable Energy Power Plant, with Solar + Wind, and Battery for energy storage. This project will be executed in 2024.

DMS with a new DRU

PELAGOS patented Disaster Management System

PELAGOS has designed a new Disaster Management System, with a specific Disaster Registration Unit device. This new concept has been fully designed in our offices and solely patented to PELAGOS.

The mechanical and structural design have been completed, software and electronics design are planned to be completed by April 2024. Prototype manufacturing and tests stages of the concept are planned to be executed within 2024, and start of mass production is targetted before the end of the year 2024.

Digital Twin Study

Digital Static Twin of an Existing System has been prepared

PELAGOS has completed a digital twin study for an existing system. During this project, PELAGOS has scanned existing system, prepared P&ID, control and power diagrams, 3D model, material list, equipment list, isometric and installation drawings.

Offshore Wind Mill Construction Yard

Feasibility Study for Floating Offshore Wind Mill Construction Yard

PELAGOS has executed a feasibility study for a Floating Offshore Wind Mill Construction Yard, with one  Floating Offshore Wind Mill Unit per week capacity.

The feasibility study covered 35 locations at Aegean and Mediterranean Coasts of Turkiye, and concluded with 3 suitable locations.

A preliminary 3D layout of the construction yard has been modelled for the best suitable location and quantification and cost analysis has been executed together with the study.

Port Layout

Plot plan and 3D-architectural model for an oil & gas port located at north of Turkiye

PELAGOS has executed a Plot Plan study, followed by 3D modelling and 3D architectural rendering of a port under construction at north of Turkiye.

PELAGOS scope of project has begun with only a portion of the port, and then expanded to whole port, including helicopter landing area, top management and administration buildings, service workshops and storage areas.

The project is a part of an ongoing oil & gas project, where PELAGOS is taking part in offshore scopes as well.


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